2350 Solomons Island Road, Annapolis, MD 21401


Property Details

  • County: ANNE ARUNDEL
  • Property Size: 3600 sq. ft.
  • Current Vacancy: 0 %
  • Avg. Rental Rate: 40 psf
  • Year Built: 1983

Additional Details

  • Property Class: Class B. Most common type. Smaller size with more moderate rents.
  • Large Tenant Exposure: One tenant occupies 50% or more of the building.
  • Large Tenant Exposure: Excellent. Building can be easily seen from one or more roads.
  • Access: Multiple, easy points of ingress and egress.
  • Traffic Light: Yes
  • Condition of Property: Excellent. New or newly renovated.
  • Parking: Excellent. Ample parking available.
  • Proximity to Highway: Excellent
  • Proximity to Amenities: Multiple options for services
  • LEED Certification: No
  • Curb Appeal: Clean, tidy, and well maintained.

Market vs. Property Comparison

Avg. Rental Rate
Current Vacancy
Cap Score

The Cap Score

Cap Score
4.86% (4.62% to 5.1%)

Estimated Value
$2,067,977.99 ($574.44 psf)

Estimated NOI

Market Score Strong
Property Score Strong

What If Analysis?

  Entered Data Adjustment Points Recalculated Metrics  
Current Vacancy Rate 0.0% Lower Current Vacancy Rate    Raise Current Vacancy Rate Adjusted Cap Rate 4.86%
Average Rental Rate $40 Lower Average Rental Rate    Raise Average Rental Rate Adjusted Value $2,066,666.67
Unemployment Rate 6.2% Lower Unemployment Rate    Raise Unemployment Rate Differential  
The Cap Score:
4.86% (4.62% to 5.1%)
Estimated Value:
$2,067,977.99 ($574.44 psf)
Estimated NOI:

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