24 Defense Street, Annapolis, MD 21401


Property Details

Retail strip; existing gun store one story retail building, signage on building and street located next to Popeyes street parking two sides of building 24 Defense st proposed 300+-apartments to be built directly behind prop

  • County: ANNE ARUNDEL
  • Property Size: 4500 sq. ft.
  • Current Vacancy: 50 %
  • Avg. Rental Rate: 20 psf
  • Year Built: 1984

Additional Details

  • Type of Center: Non Anchored Multi Tenant
  • Tenant Mix: Local Tenants
  • Visibility: Moderate. No major obstruction.
  • Access: Limited entry/exit yet easily used.
  • Traffic Light: Shared
  • Condition of Property: Moderate. Minor repairs/updating required. Mainly cosmetic.
  • Parking: Moderate. Lot typically full, open spaces usually available.
  • Traffic Count: High

Market vs. Property Comparison

Avg. Rental Rate
Current Vacancy
Cap Score

The Cap Score

Cap Score
8.17% (7.76% to 8.58%)

Estimated Value
VAL = 768,173.05 $768,173.05 ($170.71 psf)

Estimated NOI

Market Score Strong
Property Score Average

What If Analysis?

  Entered Data Adjustment Points Recalculated Metrics  
Current Vacancy Rate 50.0% Lower Current Vacancy Rate    Raise Current Vacancy Rate Adjusted Cap Rate 9.12%
Average Rental Rate $20 Lower Average Rental Rate    Raise Average Rental Rate Adjusted Value $688,322.37
Unemployment Rate 6.2% Lower Unemployment Rate    Raise Unemployment Rate Differential  

For Lease $28

The Cap Score:
8.17% (7.76% to 8.58%)
Estimated Value:
$768,173.05 ($170.71 psf)
Estimated NOI:

Contact The Agent

Mike Foundos

Foundos & Associates, LLC

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